At London Academy for Business and Management, we strive for excellence. For this reason, we are continually in partnerships with noteworthy institutions influencing the education sector positively. You can get admission to your preferred university at discounted rates, courtesy of our partnership program:

Below are the institutions we partner with to deliver the best.

University of Bradford3

Bradford University is an online technological institution with over fifty years of renowned excellence. They offer several online MBA courses UK and other relevant courses to choose from.

Oxford International

OI Digital Institute is a trusted brand for exceptional education. From professional to higher education, teacher training, and virtual internships, it guarantees the best London MBA online courses.

Learning Curve Group1

Learning Curve Group development offers valuable skill development through practical UK MBA courses.

oelts logo

IELTS is an English test for study, immigration, and job opportunities trusted by over 11,000 training providers.

UK Register of Learning Providers3

UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) is a website for reliable training providers’ information.

Awards for Training and Higher Education2

ATHE – Awards for Training and Higher Education is a globally recognized academic institution controlled by the UK and other international bodies. Whether you want to do vocational or international London MBA online courses, including business management or business management education, there is a range of London MBA courses to enrol for.

Brunel University London

Brunel University is a reputable London University famous for its quality education and research. It’s an excellent place to receive online degree courses in London, including London MBA courses.

Online Business School1
Information Commissioner's Office1
Danish Foundation UK1

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