Oxford International English Language Level Test

Oxford International English Language Level Test

In partnership with the Oxford International English Test Centre, LABM are proud to be able to offer the English Language Level Test (ELLT) as an alternative to students unable to access an IELTS or equivalent test as evidence of their proficiency in the English language for entry into UK Universities. Completely achievable from home, the English Language Level Test is broken into four segments which are specifically designed to test an individual’s competence in regard to the use of the English language.


The English Language Level Test (ELLT) is an alternative for students who are unable to access an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or equivalent test as evidence of their English language level for entry into UK Universities.

The English Language Level Test is a four-step assessment taken to ascertain your current English language level and can be completed 100% online. On successful completion of all four steps of the assessment, students receive a certification and a full report, allowing you to move forward and apply to university courses with proof of English without ever having to leave your home.


The English Language Level Test consists of four different sections. To start, students will complete both a reading and listening test, aiming to test the individual’s ability to understand English in both written and verbal form. Following this, a writing test is completed to assess criteria such as spelling and grammar. Finally, the assessment ends with an oral test, looking to assess the individual’s ability to converse in English.

The reading and listening segments are presented as automated tests, with high levels of AI proctoring and security. The reading test takes 40 minutes and consists of two texts. The listening test takes 20 minutes and consists of two audio tracks.

The writing segment is assessed through a unique written task and submitted directly to the examiner. The writing test consists of one 60 minute opinion-based essay-style question.

The speaking component is booked by the student at a time most suitable for them. This takes place with a live examiner. The speaking test consists of 3 separate stages which last approximately 15 minutes in total.


The following universities recognise the results of the English Language Level Test (ELLT) for admission onto their programmes:

• Bangor University
• Bangor University International College
• Cardiff Metropolitan University
• Coventry University
• De Montfort University International College
• International College Dundee
• Jacobs University International College
• NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
• Nottingham Trent University*
• Robert Gordon University Aberdeen
• The University of Central Lancashire
• University of Birmingham
• University of Dundee
• University of Chester
• University of Greenwich
• University of Greenwich International College
• University of Hertfordshire
• University of Hull
• University of Leeds
• University of Portsmouth
• University of Roehampton
• University of Strathclyde
• University of Sunderland
• University of Westminster
• University of the West of England


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