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A Message to All Our LABM Exams Procedures

London Academy of Business and Management exams are mainly online, however, if we add some new courses that require face to face examination or to attend the exam centre then proctor can play a key role. Proctors play an integral role in fulfilling our vision of making high-quality knowledge readily accessible to the world through the medium of the Internet.

As offline institutions, exam centres add the additional dimension of reliability and credibility to our graduate and undergraduate certification. For administrative and examination purposes, the exam centres verify and confirm that those taking the LABM exams are in fact those who enrolled in the courses.

From the beginning of the term, students should work to identify a location/organisation that would be suitable for examinations if there is no exam centre in their proximity. There can be and are more than one exam centre in a city or country. Centres should be reputable institutions, preferably schools, universities, colleges, etc. Valid photo ID must be presented to the authorities of the centre.

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