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LABM (London Academy of Business and Management) enables access to online courses also known as distance learning from the UK’s most prestigious universities. We have offices in central London, where extraordinary minds and diverse perspectives connect, in a truly inspiring environment, to have a profound impact on the way the world does business and the way business impacts the world. We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Oxford International to offer the English Language Level Test (ELLT). A four-step assessment is taken to ascertain your current English language level and can be completed 100% online via the LABM partnership. To find out more about the London Academy of Business and Management – LABM, please see our About Us page on this website or contact us via WhatsApp, email or phone.

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We offer a wide range of Online University Progression Courses designed to fit your availability.


At LABM we feature a wide range of Short Online Courses designed to fit around your availability.


Taking a course at LABM doesn’t have to be costly, we offer a wide range of Online Free Courses.

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Hotel and Hospitality

Prepare for an exciting career in the hospitality industry through the online Hotel Management course.

Accounting and Finance

Level 4 (Accounting and Finance) and Level 5 (Extended Diploma in Management) are designed to fast track students.

IT and Computing

If you have the desire to turn your passion for computers into a career, the IT and Computing Diploma is definitely for you.

Sales and Marketing University 1st and 2nd Year

Level 4 (Sales and Marketing) and Level 5 (Extended Diploma in Management) are 240 credit courses designed to fast track students.

Business Management University Foundation Programme

The Level 3 University Foundation Programme is a 120 credit qualification (equivalent to two A levels) which helps students learn key concepts.

Human Resource Management

Succeed with this level 4 Diploma in Human Resource Management and the level 5 Extended Diploma in Management is a 240 credit course.

English Language Course

The best way to improve your understanding of the English language is to enrol on the London Academy of Business and Management’s English Language course. The course is most suited to learners who are able to hold a basic conversation in English.

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English Language Test

Only £80.00

Find out your English language level for higher education with our English Language Level Test (ELLT). Our test is recognised by many universities so you can use it to meet the entry requirements for a wide range of degree courses. It is also a great way for you to find out what level you currently have so you know if you need to do any more English language preparation before you start your university course.

(Over 7000 already enrolled)

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We are a trusted online learning platform providing the best courses from top universities in the UK. Find affordable study programs and fast-track your university qualification right on our platform.

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Get the UK University qualification online, explore courses from leading institutions, and connect with people of similar interests…

At the London Academy of Business and Management, we are committed to making education flexible and accessible. This is why we create a platform for students to take their preferred online courses from UK wherever they are.

We enhance your entry into your preferred university and handle your application process for a seamless experience. Currently, we have offices in Central London, UK, where like-minds meet to ignite, share and gain new perspectives about the business world. To serve our users better, we partner with several reputable companies, including Oxford International for English Language (ELLT), a four-step assessment to evaluate your English Language level.

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Collaborating with respected institutions to provide world-class, limitless learning for all, joining our platform exposes you to the opportunities required to grow your career and reach your goals. Explore courses from Bradford University, improve your skills with classes from OI Digital Institute and browse other globally recognized institutions to learn limitlessly on our platform.

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Join a digital classroom from any location and immerse yourself in a boundless, dynamic e-learning experience. Our goal is to help you grow better with first-in-class online courses at UK universities.

With several courses to choose from, we are the best online learning platform UK offering diverse classes to help you reach your potential. Here’s why we are our students’ first choice:

Accessible learning process

Your endless search for an online course from UK ends here. Browse various opportunities available on our platform and pick the best for you. We go the extra mile to connect you with the most sought-after London MBA Online courses.

Global, online peer network

Collaborate and meet new people. Our digital learning platform provides opportunities to rub minds with students with similar goals as you.

Certified online courses

Improve your career with certified courses from London. We offer UK MBA Online courses to advance your career.

Professional guidance

You are never alone. Meet experts and enthusiasts. Find interesting courses and learn from those who know. If you are ever unsure of the next step to take, our tutors will help with 1-2-1 zoom sessions.

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